"From no words to few words and now talking in full sentences, I can't believe my daughter has made so much progress in such a little time. Working with Lisa was an incentive for my daughter Zobia."

"We are so very pleased with the progress made during our son's time spent with Lisa. We are forever greatful that Lisa, during sessions with Zachary, picked up on a potential hearing loss that no one else had detected. With his hearing loss addressed, his pragmatic language and articulation have come so far."

"As well as being professional and knowledgeable, Lisa has a very warm and friendly personality that is very comforting. Our son has loved working with her and has always looked forward to her weekly visits."

"I was telling my daughter about the meaning of family. As I began telling her about mommy, daddy, and her brother, she quickly jumped in and said, "Lisa is family too Mommy!"

"We are very pleased with our son's progress since starting speech therapy with Lisa. Lisa was able to make therapy enjoyable for our son, something we never expected. As a physician caring for children, I would not hesitate to refer Lisa."

"Our family is grateful for Lisa's hard work with our son Joshua and she has been a huge part of his language skills which were very delayed and are now currently very close to age appropriate levels."

"Lisa established a comfortable relationship with Charlie and offered both voice and articulation therapy. The weekly sessions were effective and were were very pleased with Lisa's professional approach and easy going demeanor. We are grateful for her services and highly recommend The Gift of Gab."

"Matthew had some difficulty with articulation. We noticed an improvement after only a few therapy sessions. Lisa is encouraging, positive, and sincere. We are grateful for this most positive experience."

"Jake began losing confidence in himself due to his stuttering. Since coming to therapy he has improved with speaking outloud in class and giving oral reports with confidence. Jake has had a great experience and the strategies are something he will always have."

"We are so grateful to have found Gift of Gab for our 4 year old son. It has not only dramatically improved his speech clarity, but has boosted his self confidence as well. Our son eagerly looked forward to every session and always left with a smile on his face. We just loved working with Lisa-she made our son feel so comfortable. I highly recommend Gift of Gab-we will miss you Lisa!"
"We have been so pleased with our son's progress since we started speech with Gift of Gab a year ago. We have enjoyed our experience and recommend Gift of Gab to others."

"My son loved working with Lisa! She expected a lot of him and he rose to the challenge. He made tremendous progress in both language and self confidence over the last two years."
"We are very pleased with the progress Kristen made with Lisa at Gift of Gab. Kristen tends to be very shy but Lisa made her feel comfortable and provided a fun environment in which she could improve her speech. I also learned a lot as a mother while present during my daughters sessions."

"It has made a marked difference in my sons ability to relate to others and think about the effect he has on others. Lisa has an incredible ability to recognize areas needing help and explain and practice that with children."

"Kathleen's ability to communicate with within the family and also with friends has improved greatly since she started attending Gift of Gab. She has learned many skills that will help her as she goes through life."

"Gift of Gab created a relaxed and enjoyable environment for my son to open up and express his feelings. He learned social skills and about sarcasm in a way that was easy to understand. I have seen an improvement in Max's ability to listen to what is said to him and adjust his actions accordingly."

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