Getting Started

Step 1

Intake: Please call us at Gift of Gab to schedule a time to speak with our therapists. During the intake process you will provide contact information, information on past therapies/evaluations, and discuss your specific speech-language concerns. At the end of the intake session the appropriate evaluation and/or treatment will be recommended and scheduled.

Step 2
Evaluation: Each evaluation is tailored to your child to assess their specific areas of concern. Evaluations typically take 1 hour and consist of parent interviews, informal/formal testing, clinician observation. Evaluations are typically completed 1-2 weeks after assessment appointment. Once the assessment has been scored and completed, a clinician will call you to discuss results and appropriate treatment recommendations.
Step 3
Therapy/Intervention: Your child's therapy schedule will be created based on recommendations from his/her evaluation. Each therapy session is individualized to address your child's personality, interests, and short term functional goals. Therapy sessions usually last between 30-45 minutes and are individual. At the end of each therapy session, time is provided to discuss your child's performance and provide carryover materials.

Our In-Direct Billing Philosophy:
Gift of Gab is a boutique private practice which chooses to allocate all of it's resources directly to the SLP's needs and therefore we do not have the support of a large administrative staff. For this reason, we do not directly bill private insurance companies. Instead, we employ a comprehensive Insurance Reimbursement Program where we complete and provide to our patients the necessary forms for direct submission to their insurance companies for reimbursement.

Payment for service is due at the time of visit and is accepted in the form of credit card, cash, or check. Our billing structure allows our therapists to carry smaller, more manageable caseloads uncommonly present within typical private practices. This gives our SLP's the opportunity to have higher time-patient ratios and allows for in-depth planning/consultation periods before and after each session. We've found that this opportunity for increased concentration on our patients leads to dramatically improved therapy results and is one of the reasons behind our superlative praises from our patients, peers and medical community members.

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