Who is a Speech-Language Pathologist?
A Speech-Language Pathologist is a highly trained professional who evaluates and treats children who have speech, language, voice and communication difficulties. Speech-Language Pathologists keep careful records on the evaluation and progress of patients, often developing and implementing individualized treatment programs based on testing results and the input of the client's team which may include parents and other specialists (neurologist, ABA, pediatrician, OT, PT, teachers, psychologist, etc). An important part of a Speech-Language Pathologists job is supporting and teaching the individuals and their families techniques and activities to use at home to ensure carryover of goals.

What is Speech-Language Therapy?
Speech-language therapy is the treatment for those with speech and/or language disorders. Although people often think of speech and language as the same thing, they are actually quite different. If your child has difficulty with speech than he/she has difficulty with the "how to" of talking (the coordination of the muscles and movements necessary to produce speech). If your child struggles with language, he/she may struggle to find the right words or organize those words in a meaningful way to communicate a message or hold a conversation.

How long are therapy sessions?
Typically therapy sessions are between 30-45 minutes depending on type of communication disorder, a child's age, and a child's ability to attend.

At what age should I seek out help for my child?

The early years of your baby's life are a critical period during which the development of strong social & communication skills, emotional growth and intelligence takes place. These skills serve as the foundation for which all other learning will be built upon as they grow older. For this reason, completing intervention as early as possible is of utmost importance. While there are developmental standards, every child will grow their skills at a different pace. If you are concerned whether your child is functioning at a level consistent with their peers, it is recommended you seek a speech-language evaluation.

Can you go to my child's school?

At Gift of Gab we are committed to making therapy work with your families schedule. Therefore, we are able to go into your child's school to provide therapy. The school must grant permission and it must be located within Fairfield County.

Can therapists attend IEP meetings and meet with other professionals who work with my child?

At Gift of Gab, we do attend IEP meetings to discuss and confirm your child's goals, progress, and assessments. We do not make school based recommendations. We are happy to meet with other professionals who work with your child to ensure continuity in your child's care. Rates can be discussed by calling our office.

What is your referral discount?

Telling your friends and family about our practice is the best compliment. To thank you, we provide a discounted rate off one regularly scheduled visit when you refer a new family to the Gift of Gab! Please ask us about this new promotion to gain more information.

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